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Our full-bodied Merlot blends the flavors of black cherry, ripe plum and hints of oak that create a velvety richness.

Pinot Noir Cabernet Sauvignon


Our full-bodied Merlot is all about taste. It’s tough not to enjoy the blended flavors of black cherry, ripe plum and hints of oak that create a velvety richness.

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Food Pairing Notes

Smooth and approachable fruit flavor matches very well with a wide range of foods including pork roast, pasta with rich tomato sauce, poultry, as well as grilled meats and vegetables.

Food Pairing Notes

The smooth flavor matches well with a range of foods including pork roast, pasta, poultry, grilled meats and vegetables.

Body:  Medium-Bodied Sweetness:  Dry

Ratings and Reviews

(16 votes)

by Luis A.Grau
July 7, 2014
Merlot is my favorite Gallo wine.

by kevin
September 27, 2013
I am a red dry wine drinker, I have tasted many brands and prices all over the world as retired army, infantry. Your blue label Merlot is smooth, great tasting and does the job. Tops!!!!

by Sarah
October 22, 2013
Oh yeah! So freaking tasty!

by Marchitta
November 4, 2014
My favorite merlot so far. Plus it delivers! Gets the job done.

by William
November 5, 2014
Love your Merlot. Have difficult finding.

by Brian
November 17, 2014
Beautifull wine. Round and sweet. A real joy

by becky
November 27, 2013
As a life long beer drinker, I was surprised when I discovered that I had a taste for wine. I have been to more wine tasting/festivals than I can count. While on a date, we happened to stop at a small local market and the Merlot was on sale for 4.00 a bottle. He commented "you would be surprised, it's a nice little table wine." I bought a bottle. What an UNDERSTATEMENT. I prefer your merlot over the $50 bottles almost exclusively. I keep thinking I must be missing something and I occasionally try the snobbish boutique wines. Each time I regret having bothered. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I love your wine...got on line to see if I can order by the case. Thanks!

by Zulaa
December 18, 2013
This Merlot has a beautiful taste! Thank you so much!

by Gallo Family Vineyards
December 1, 2014
Hi William! We are so glad that you like our Merlot. So sorry you are having trouble finding it. We recommend you contact our Customer Care Team. They will be able to help you locate it in your neighborhood. Thanks! http://www.gallofamily.com/contact-us.html

by Bethany
January 15, 2015
Bold and Beautiful.