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Sweet Red

Our Sweet Red is bursting with flavors of red fruit, black cherry and raspberry jam with a velvety soft finish.

Red Moscato Café Zinfandel

Sweet Red

Our Sweet Red is bursting with flavors of red fruit, black cherry and raspberry jam. Coupled with a fresh, fruity acidity and followed with a velvety soft finish this wine is easy to enjoy, especially chilled.

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Food Pairing Notes

The soft dark berries and lush sweetness match perfectly with smoked meats and barbecue sauce, as well as dessert.

Food Pairing Notes

The soft sweet dark berries match perfectly with smoked meats and barbecue.

Body:  Medium-Bodied Sweetness:  Sweet

Ratings and Reviews

(20 votes)

by Lauren
July 16, 2014
Amazing and I even cooked with it to make a nice sauce.

by alcira acosta
October 18, 2014
I love this wine.

by Ben
September 14, 2013
I bought this just to try. It has become one of my new favorites that will certainly be kept around. My wife does not typically like red wines as they have too much oak flavor or are simply too high in alcohol after-kick... But this one is different, it has enough alcohol to make it worth your while, but does not overwhelm the follow through flavors (which is also one of my few complaints with red wine). It has amazing flavor up front, with just enough kick from the alcohol in the middle, with an absolutely amazing flavor to finish it off. I was definitely not expecting this from such a reasonably priced wine. I would classify this as the perfect starting wine for a newby, a great dessert wine for the experienced, and an outstanding red wine for the casual drinker whom does not wish to become a wine connoisseur! I will be a repeat customer for sure and encourage others to try this!

by reggie
October 13, 2013
Wonderful flavor....smooth glass after glass.

by Relda Hyche
November 2, 2013
Love this full bodied fruity sweet red. Only problem is I can't find it here in Florida.

by Gallo Family Vineyards
November 8, 2013
Thanks for reaching out, Relda Hyche. You can find our Sweet Red near you easily -- just try our Where to Buy tool: http://www.gallofamily.com/where-to-buy.html. Cheers!

by lynn
November 16, 2013
I love the sweet taste, and the aroma when you uncork the bottle!

by Paula
February 14, 2014
So glad I decided to try this. I have not been a fan of many red wines, but this one has made it to my favorites list. What an enjoyable find. Like all good things, it is meant to be, and will be, shared!

by emily
March 5, 2014
Best wine by far. My brother introduced this to me and its flavor is a perfect fit for my taste!!! Although South Dakota lacks in having any!

by Bryan Massingill
March 8, 2014
Wonderful velvety smooth flavors. Has quickly become one of my favorites.