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Best Wines for All Occasions

Best Wines for All Occasions

Gallo Family Best Wines For All Occasions

Choosing the best wine to match a special occasion makes all the difference. Not only can it help elevate an event, but it will also put a smile on your family and friends’ faces and keep them talking all night long.

To help assist in your selection process, we’ve chosen some of our wines that have consistently proven to be showstoppers for the moments that matter. So whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday or just game night with the family, Gallo Family has a wine for every occasion. Below are our picks of the best wines for whatever comes your way. Cheers!


  • Best Wine To Serve At A Wedding: Pink Moscato

    You’ll want something special to serve at a wedding, and our Pink Moscato is a perfect union. With a light body and aromas of citrus and peach, this sweet wine should be one of your essential wedding supplies.

  • Best Wine For A Picnic: White Merlot

    When we think picnics, we picture sunny days with something equally as bright to match. That’s why our White Merlot — with plum, blueberry, and hints of cranberry — is just the thing to pack into your picnic basket.

  • Best Wine To Enjoy While Watching Awards Show: Riesling

    Our Riesling is delectably versatile and refreshingly sweet — with hints of peach, citrus, and honeysuckle — and it’s a tasty companion to gushy award show speeches and red carpet fashions.

  • Best Wine To Serve During Game Night: Sweet White Blend

    All the best board games deserve a clear winner, and this Sweet White Blend is it. When you’re in the midst of an intense family board game battle, our Sweet White Blend keeps things light with its bursts of peach, honeydew, and tropical fruit.

  • Best Wine For An Anniversary Party: White Zinfandel

    If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, you’ll want to keep the tone as fun and bright as the day the bride and groom tied the knot. With a light pink hew, and bursts of sweet peach and strawberry, our White Zin is the best way to commemorate a true love for years to come.

  • Best Wine To Share On Girls Night: Moscato

    There are lots of drink options for girl’s night, but ultimately there’s only one Moscato. Whether you’re gathering the ladies for a night out on the town or just on the couch, our refreshing and light-bodied Moscato has a sweetness that complements everything from homemade treats to delicious gossip.

  • Best Wine To Give As A Housewarming Gift: Cabernet Sauvignon

    Among all housewarming gifts, a bottle of our Cabernet will be a standout pick thanks to its hints of oak, blackberry, and spice. Its full-bodied flavor is an easy way to relax while settling into a new home.

  • Best Wine To Give For A Birthday Present: Pinot Grigio

    For birthday parties — where you need a true crowd-pleaser— look no further than our Pinot Grigio. Crisp with flavors of apple and citrus, our Pinot Grigio will make anyone’s special day that much brighter.

  • Best Wine To Bring To A Dinner Party: Pinot Noir

    If you’re attending a dinner party, our Pinot Noir is always a welcome guest. This medium-bodied red boasts light aromas of cherry, appeals to a wide range of palettes, and compliments a variety of dishes.

  • Best Wine To Sip On During Date Night: Merlot

    On date night, you might be looking for something a little silky and smooth, and one that nicely compliments a rich dessert. If that’s the case, our full-bodied Merlot makes a lovely pick, with hints of black cherry, plum, and oak.


Love toasting a career milestone with a glass of Merlot? Enjoy Chardonnay during a sunny backyard BBQ? We’re waiting to hear which of your favorite wines you select on special occasions, so tweet us with your picks on Twitter or post to our wall on Facebook!

February 18, 2015