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Celebrating National Pizza Month with #SundaySupper

Celebrating National Pizza Month with #SundaySupper

Celebrating National Pizza Month with #SundaySupper

If you have a favorite month, it’s probably around the holidays or summertime. October often gets overlooked, but here’s one reason it shouldn’t: it’s National Pizza Month! Forget Halloween and Oktoberfest for a moment, and let’s instead proceed directly to celebrating 31 days of glorious melted cheese, delicious sauce, and crispy crust!

As much as we love going out and hitting our favorite pizzeria, sometimes the best pies are made in our kitchen… with a nice glass of wine, naturally. So to add a little extra inspiration to the menu, we asked our friends at #SundaySupper for their favorite pizza recipes to celebrate National Pizza Month, and they delivered!

Sweet Pizzas:

Savory Pizzas:

What Pizza Does Your Heart Love?

Swear by deep dish? Have a secret ingredient that puts your pie over the top? Share it with us on Twitter or Facebook. We'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, grab a slice and start enjoying National Pizza Month!

October 1, 2015