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Enjoy Wine with Your BBQ Favorites

Enjoy Wine with Your BBQ Favorites

Wine and BBQ Pairings

Warm weather is well underway and as we open our windows and let the spring breeze gust through our homes, it isn’t uncommon to smell the familiar tinge of a neighbor’s burning charcoal. Barbeque season is upon us, and wine is the perfect compliment to your grilled treats. This means long nights standing around the grill preparing our favorite summertime dishes and sipping a cool beverage with good company. In this case, the kind of beverage you need a corkscrew, not a bottle opener, to enjoy.

Grilled Chicken with tangy BBQ Sauce pairs well with Zinfandel

In our opinion there is nothing tastier than BBQ chicken paired with our Café Zinfandel wine. We know grilled chicken tends to be served with white wines (like Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc), but layer on a tart barbeque sauce and you will not be disappointed with this medium bodied red. Add a side of asparagus or roasted potatoes and this dish turns into a hearty serving of BBQ bliss.

Hot Dogs and Moscato makes for a sweet treat

Hot dogs, get ya hot dogs here! Nothing says “summer” like a good old fashioned frankfurter. A staple of backyards and ball parks, this classic sandwich is surprisingly tasty when paired with a sweet white wine. We suggest trying your favorite style of dog (there are too many to choose from!) with our sweet White Moscato. For toppings, stick with honeyed yellow mustard and grilled onions with relish. Serve with crispy potato chips and you’ve got a winning combination.

The right toppings will make or break your Burger and Wine Combo

Burgers are the premiere BBQ food to pair with wine because they offer so much flexibility on flavor! Assuming you are using beef as a base, look to your spread of toppings for inspiration. Are you grilling burgers with bacon, mayo, mustard and classic cheddar cheese to finish? Try the smooth stand by, Pinot Noir. If your grill has bell peppers, mushrooms and melted Swiss, pair your sandwich with a buttery Chardonnay. No matter what, don’t forget to toast the bun!

You can’t go wrong with barbequed steak and Cabernet Sauvignon

A grilled steak and savory Cabernet are classic for good reason. Make sure your menu is no exception this summer and include this dish in your grill’s rotation. All you need is a nice cut of meat, a healthy dose of salt and pepper, and a glass fit for serving. Enjoy with a side of veggies and fresh loaf of bread.

Make the most of warm weather, and your wine, and share your delicious BBQ combinations with Gallo Family Vineyards! Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter for more excellent pairings and recipes throughout the summer. Cheers!

May 12, 2014