Every family has a story to tell. This is ours.

Gallo isn't just a word on a label. It's our name, our identity, the mark of our family. It's who we are: passionate winemakers. And this is our story:

Prohibition had just ended. Ernest and Julio Gallo were traveling the country selling grapes from their family vineyard. But what they really wanted to do was start a winery. So they devoured books on winemaking in the local Modesto library and taught themselves the craft. Then they borrowed from Ernest’s mother-in-law, because that's what families do. They help make dreams become a reality. And Ernest and Julio's dream happened with the founding of the E. & J. Gallo Winery in 1933.

More than 80 years later we're still at it. We've learned a lot along the way. About wine, sure. But also about what it means to be a family. Some call it the "new family" or the "modern family." We just call it "family." Because you don't define family, you simply love them.

So while families grow and evolve, the enjoyment of sharing a glass of good wine with one another is still as relevant as ever. It's an integral part of how we gather around the table to talk, laugh and connect.

Gallo Family Vineyards is still guided by three generations of Gallo Family members, working actively in the business. Still proudly family-owned, we are also proud to call so many colleagues family, too. Whether it's your work family, friends who are pretty much family, or the people you’re actually related to, spending time with each other is what ties us all together. It's all part of a life well-lived. And a life well-lived deserves a wine that's well-made.

At Gallo Family Vineyards we're honored to make great wines for you to enjoy with your family. Whoever that may be.